butterfly project teaser


mammoth to order

i got a request to make a push toy for a friends impending baby. the animal chosen was a mammoth and i promptly complied with this fluffy little monster seen here lurking in the tall grasses.  in case anyone was wondering, i do indeed take requests. i hope this fluffy little pachyderm will be loved and snorgled for a long time to come.

colossal squid gets a home!

over the past several months i have been working on a life size plush sculpture of the colossal squid that was caught by accident between antarctica and new zealand a few years ago. it is now being installed in the new location of the international cryptozoology museum where it will have a permanent home. i hope you will come and have a look and join us for the grand re-opening on october 30th at 11 avon street in portland maine.

yay picnic!

picnic was a great success! thanks to everyone who helped out and to everyone who was kind enough to buy my stuff. i plan on participating in the winter picnic as well. hope to see you there!

some cephalopod friends

my obsession with squids continues with these snuggly guys. inspired by their knitted predecessors, these guys also have magnetic tentacles. even better, they are for sale! they are $17.50 a piece or $30 for a pair. give me a shout out if you want one!

See it @ the International Cryptozoology Museum!

My work now has a permanent home in the collection of Portland writer and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. I and my collaborator Erin Ellis were entrusted to create this scaled replica of the mysterious Minnesota Ice Man. It was a main feature of the Cryptozoology Museum’s side show at the Sanctuary Tattoo Anniversary event in April ’10. It is now on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum at 661 Congress Street, Portland ME.

In addition to this display, i am also selling crypto-themed finger puppets in the ICM gift shop. Currently the collection includes grey and brown sasquatch, momos, mothmen, kongamatos, and on commission kappas, sea serpents, and creatures from the black lagoon.

card game

water has been on my mind lately and it shows with these last couple projects i’ve been working on. first of all, my very first product which sold rather well at the holiday sale.

its a version of go-fish with information on each animal printed on the cards. after going to the aquarium i used my photos to draw from and then merged the images. i then hand lettered the names of the animals and wrote up brief bios on each one.

my next project was not nearly as involved but i am pleased with the results.

with some of the fabric i had leftover after making halloween costumes i made this plush little skate. it is a female which can be determined by a lack of claspers. she has gills, a mouth, spiracles, nostrils, tail and pectoral fins. entirely hand sewn with plastic eyes.